In My Humble Opinion, pretends to be an area were I state my opinion such as this one:

I believe the iPad and other slates/readers will be the main access device for all printed content, Newspapers, Magazines and Books, and even some websites. It will take a few years, as habits tend to change slowly and prices of these devices will run high for a while. But I can easily picture people reading on a iPad, over a coffee table, or in bed before to sleep, as we do now a days.

One other reason for my belief in the success of these devices is that brands will embrace them as a way to communicate, and having them on board makes it easily to grow business around it.

I will be right if in 2012, there is a 30% population using it.

iPad and coffee
Image by jeffwilcox via Flickr

2 Responses to “IMHO”

  1. I am reading in bed now….

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